Frame for portable winch with chains (light)

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Frame for portable winch with chains (light)

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Article: RIF000-30003
Frame for portable winch with chains (light)


A portable winch is ideal for car owners who do not want to mount a fixed winch onto their vehicle.

The winch is mounted into a compact and versatile RIF mount frame with chain fastenings to towing eyes. Its main advantage is that it is very easy to use. With this mount frame you will not need any vehicle design modifications in order to equip it with a winch. All the necessary components will easily fit inside the trunk. To prepare it, you simply attach two pairs of long cables with male-female connectors to the terminals of the battery and the winch and then fasten the winch to the frame with four screws.

The mount frame is securely attached to the towing eyes with chains. You will need two towing eyes, so you should check whether your car has them in advance. Another strong point of the portable winch mounted into the RIF frame is its versatility. You can tow your car forward, backward or even sideways if the vehicle has the appropriate mounting. The RIF mount frame is available in two sizes—for compact winches with a capacity of up to 2 tons (suitable for small cars) and for winches with a capacity of up to 4300 kg.

Since the portable winch is a very heavy component, it has been carefully designed for ease of handling. All the corners are smoothed in order to prevent injuries, two convenient and easy-to-grasp hand grips make it possible for the winch to be handled by two people or even just one, and the soft rubber legs of the winch will be gentle to the trunk of your car. It goes without saying that, in the tradition of all RIF equipment, the mount frame has an enormous margin of safety.