Removable hitch (hitch adapter) big, 6" (150 mm) drop

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Removable hitch (hitch adapter) big, 6" (150 mm) drop

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Article: RIF000-88011
Removable hitch (hitch adapter) big, 6" (150 mm) drop


The hitch adapter (removable hitch) is required to connect a low trailer to a lifted 4x4 vehicle, since it allows horizontal alignment of the drawbar. The RIF hitch is made of a steel square tube with 5 mm walls and is compatible with the standard 2” (5 cm) hitch receiver. There is a hole for the locking pin.

The RIF removable hitch (hitch adapter) with a specialized locking fixture provides zero backlash of the coupling. The hitch is wedged in the 2” hitch receiver using a long bolt and blank plug for zero backlash of the coupling.

This adapter provides for comfortable driving with less noise, as the "clicks" of the trailer will be less noticeable, and it prevents wear of the hitch, insert, locking hole and locking pin.

Resistant to even the most aggressive chemicals, the black powder coating prevents corrosion in any environment. We offer a 3-year warranty, excluding mechanical damage.

RIF removable hitches are also offered in the mediumand small sizes.