RIF awning tent combined (square + fan part) 2 m

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RIF awning tent combined (square + fan part) 2 m

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Article: WIN206-1
RIF awning tent combined (square + fan part) 2 m


High quality awning tent (combined type - quare part+fan part) - 2 m x 2 m of square part, packed in a robust PVC sheath, which protects it from damage or dirt.

Rigidly attached to the body (usually roof) or roof rack of the vehicle, RIF awning tent offers quick and easy set up any time when you need it, ensures excellent protection against direct sunlight or rain.

The size of the tent is 2 m (length) x 2 m (width). Such size of the awning will easily give a shelter for 6-7 people.

The RIF awning can be easily set up even by one person in 2-3 minutes. The kit includes tensioning ropes and metal stakes for sticking into the ground.

Tent opens counterclock-wise.