Rear hitch for for factory bumper for UAZ Bukhanka

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Rear hitch for for factory bumper for UAZ Bukhanka

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Article: RIF452-22003
Rear hitch for for factory bumper for UAZ Bukhanka


The design of the RIF hitch is suitable for very high loads. It offers a huge safety margin thanks to its reinforced elements, thick metal and high-quality welding. It is arguably the most durabe hitch of its type available in the market.

In addition to its intended use, namely, towing trailers weighing up to 1,500 kg (allowed in the specifications for the UAZ Patriot), the hitch can be used for high jack lifting and for a powerful removable winch with a capacity of 4,500 kg or towing eye. 

With the towing piece removed, the durable RIF hitch is almost entirely hidden under the factory bumper of the vehicle.

During city driving the reinforced RIF hitch will provide excellent protection in the event of a rear collision.

The RIF hitch is attached to the vehicle frame. Installation is simple and can be done by the user. Simply drill a couple of holes and connect the electric terminal.

The towing piece with the ball is not included and can be purchased separately as required, based on the height of the vehicle and the trailer.