RIF lift-kit with pneumatic suspension for GAZ Sobol 2018+ 30 mm

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RIF lift-kit with pneumatic suspension for GAZ Sobol 2018+ 30 mm

$1 007.66
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Article: RIF-Gaz-P18
RIF lift-kit with pneumatic suspension for GAZ Sobol 2018+ 30 mm


One of the most important aspects of off-road tuning is the installation of reinforced suspension to improve the behavior of the vehicle in any terrain, enhance the approach and departure angle and raise the general performance of the suspension.

All lift kits by RIF have been designed for heavy-duty service and for various types of road surfaces. RIF leaf springs and Foam Cell shock absorbers, as well as RIF coil springs, not only compensate for the weight of optional equipment mounted on the vehicle (bumper bars, side steps, additional fuel tanks, winches, etc.), but they also increase the load capacity of the vehicle. The extended U-bolts and spring shackles are made of high-quality materials and offer a large margin of safety. RIF bushes are made of PE. They offer excellent elastic rigidity, wear resistance and thermal resistance to high and low temperatures.

The reinforced suspension by RIF provides amazing performance on the most difficult roads, worn-down scraped roads, and asphalt roads with tight bends. Your vehicle will remain stable, steerable and comfortable.

The quality of all RIF products matches the quality of the best international brands, in some cases even outperforming them, making us a leader in value in the Russian market.

The air suspension kit is usually used in addition to the standard suspension of the vehicle. It allows to reduce the load applied on leaf springs while using vehicle’s maximum load capacity without changing suspension geometry.

Fitting air suspension kit with “softer” leaf springs provides smooth and comfortable everyday driving, but at the same time, the vehicle is ever ready to carry a heavy cargo if necessary.