RIF rear oil shock absorber Niva 21214М, Chevy-Niva lift 50 mm

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RIF rear oil shock absorber Niva 21214М, Chevy-Niva lift 50 mm

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Article: SA256
RIF rear oil shock absorber Niva 21214М, Chevy-Niva lift 50 mm

Description Features
New reinforced RIF shock absorbers are manufactured using the unique R-AIR technology, which makes it possible to increase the stability of the hydraulic shock absorber to high loads. Inside the shock absorber there is a sealed air-chamber made from elastic rubber. Thanks to the R-AIR technology, the oil never foams or boils during heavy continuous loads, unlike usual hydraulic shock absorber or Foam Cell shock absorber - which we used earlier (where foaming is simply prevented from foaming by a layer of porous rubber).

The R-AIR technology is a fundamentally new word in the production of shock absorbers. Thanks to the enlarged oil reservoir with bigger amount of oil, reinforced rod and piston, and R-AIR technology, the RIF shock absorbers provide durability and long working life. They show excellent stability of performance for long driving on broken country roads, excellent course stability, good suspension articulation and pleasant smooth off-road driving in any kind of extreme conditions, no matter – sand, snow, south or north.

SA256 in set included special limiter for compression of shock absorber. It should be mounted on the bottom of supporting cup inside the coil spring. For the installation it requires to drill the hole 10 mm in diameter. Such a limiter needs to safe long shock absorbers when it compressed.

Warning! When you mount lifted coil springs, it is nessesery to install adjustable panhard rod (PR201). Also we recommended to install set of spacers 25 mm in upper spherical bearing and longer break hoses.

Extended (mm)
Compressed (mm)