Synthetic rope RIF 12 mm (price per 1 m)

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Synthetic rope RIF 12 mm (price per 1 m)

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Article: Rope12
Synthetic rope RIF 12 mm (price per 1 m)

The synthetic rope for the RIF winch is as strong as the steel rope but much lighter, safer and wear resistant. Even if the rope breaks under a load, it will not cause severe injuries or damage to the vehicle since it is soft and light. The rope is easy to store, carry, wind and unwind.

Diameter 12 mm
Breaking strain 15 tons

The available sizes of the RIF kevlar rope for the winch are 6, 10, 11 and 12 mm in diameter, with a breaking strain of 3.74 tons for the smallest diameter and 15 tons for the largest diameter.