RIF snow chains Truck "ladder" 25 mm, 245/70R19,5 (2 pcs)

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RIF snow chains Truck "ladder" 25 mm, 245/70R19,5 (2 pcs)

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Article: RIF18-0-0002228
RIF snow chains  Truck "ladder" 25 mm, 245/70R19,5 (2 pcs)


Snow chains are designed to increase the grip properties of the drive wheels of the vehicle when driving on a snowy, icy road, serpentine, wet clay, mud, sand.
Snow chains are installed only in pairs on the driving wheels of one axle of the vehicle; installation of one chain on one wheel of the axle is unacceptable.
include 2 pcs for installation on driving wheels of one axis!
Also, if all-wheel drive vehicle is possible to install snow chains on all driving axles.
Vehicles for installation on which the snow chains are intended: cars, trucks of domestic and foreign production.
Before using snow chains, determine the possibility of their installation on your vehicle. After the acquisition, before the trip, be sure to practice removing / installing chains to obtain the necessary skills.
Check whether the gaps between the wheel with the chain and the other parts of the vehicle in the straight and extreme positions of the wheels are sufficient.
Material - high-strength cemented steel with anodic coating. The twisted link of a chain, at the expense of a design, provides the best coupling of a wheel with a paving.
ATTENTION! When installing chains, the character of controllability and braking of the car changes - do not accelerate sharply and do not brake sharply. It is forbidden to use chains when driving at a speed of more than 50 km / h.
When driving on hard surfaces, chains are subject to increased wear. When worn for more than 30%, the operation of the chains is dangerous and the chains must be disposed of.
After use, be sure to clean, rinse and dry the chains, otherwise during further operation you may encounter the fact that the chains lose their consumer properties due to excessive corrosion of the links and fixation and tension elements.
Especially after interacting with anti-icing reagents.
The manufacturer is not responsible for property and physical damage caused by the use of snow chains.
Use snow chains only for their intended purpose and in accordance with the instruction manual of the vehicle and the Rules of the road.

Use on:
Model – Ladder type
Chains: 2 pcs
Section of the link: 7 mm (twisted)
Length of link: 25 mm
Weight: 13 kg