RIF awning tent combined (square + fan part) 2,5 m

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RIF awning tent combined (square + fan part) 2,5 m

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Article: WIN206 ROOM
RIF awning tent combined (square + fan part) 2,5 m

A set of walls for a fan type awning tent with windows and a door will significantly increase your level of comfort in nature. The walls provide additional protection from wind and rain and allow you to organize a full "room" next to the machine. On vacation, during many days of camping, this option will be indispensable in organizing shower procedures, as a complete protection against wind and prying eyes. In the hot season, thanks to the available windows, it is possible to effectively organize ventilation, while the presence of mosquito nets on the windows and doors will not allow insects to pester you on vacation.

Important: if your car has a spare wheel, mounted on its rear part, it will not let you use the inner side of the awning tent, parting inside of the tent from the carbody.