RIF Panhard rod, adjustable for UAZ Patriot

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RIF Panhard rod, adjustable for UAZ Patriot

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Article: PR215
RIF Panhard rod, adjustable for UAZ Patriot

Adjustable Panhard rod is used to correct axle shift after raising suspension (on solid-axle vehicles) – in case when Panhard rod is originally designed by car manufacturer. After fitting longer coil springs, the vehicles raises and the Panhard rod moves aside from its standard factory position (when vehicles is resting). As a result of this movement – Panhard rod also pushes aside the axle on which it is fixed.

Thanks to the adjuster with locknuts, which is used in the design of the RIF Panhard rod, the length of the rod can be adjusted in accordance with the changed position of the axle. Thus, axles return to their standard factory position - no more displacement against the frame or one another. The adjusted is made of high-quality stainless steel, which makes its working life long and successful even in winter-and-road chemicals conditions.

The adjuster is easy to operate with throughout all its working life, as it is not corrosible and it does not rust on the rod. RIF Panhard rod is made from solid steel round bar and has a huge safety margin, it virtually eliminates the possibility of breakages, which often occur when rod had walls of small thickness.