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RIF is the oldest and most famous Russian company, manufacturing offroad equipment and 4x4 accessories for Toyota, Nissan, Ford, Mitsubishi, Isuzu, UAZ and others. We started as the manufacturer of high-quality steel bull bars, rear bars, side steps, steering rod, radiator and window guards, expedition roof racks - manufacturing plant is situated near Moscow city.

All RIF products offer exceptional quality and can successfully compete with the best international brands. The company is always striving to do more, as we continuously extend the range of our products, regularly developing and offering to customer new accessories to satisfy even the most demanding 4x4 drivers.


RIF manufacturing plant for stainless steel offroad equipment is the most advanced in the CIS because we use only the newest and most advanced equipment, including automated welding lines from Japan and bending lines from Germany.

Our skilled workers, engineers and designers have been working together since the start of production in 2003, so they have more than a decade of professional experience. They know all the details related to the design of reinforced equipment, and they have an excellent understanding of the purpose of each item, as well as the requirements dictated by our customers and conditions of use.

The designers know that they are developing parts and components for cars, not for trucks or tractors. All equipment used by RIF complies with the applicable automotive regulations and standards. The weight, safety and durability of the components are in line with the current automotive regulations of the Russian Federation.

We use only top-quality painting and sandblasting systems, as well as the best pipes and steel materials.

We employ the complete process chain without bypassing any manufacturing or painting operations.