Frame for portable winch for hitch

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Frame for portable winch for hitch

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Article: RIF000-30000
Frame for portable winch for hitch


With the frame for a portable winch, you can carry your winch in the car trunk and mount it on the car body only when necessary. This option will be convenient if you don't use the winch too often and use it only for minor jams. (If your vehicle is stuck badly, the portable winch may be difficult to install, or its fixtures may be too weak.

Also you cannot drive with the winch mounted.) The obvious benefits of the portable winch are that it will always be in good working order (no soaking, no freezing, no contamination with chemicals on winter roads), it can be mounted on any side of the vehicle, i.e. in the front, back or on the side, and one winch can serve several vehicles equipped with the proper fixtures.

The frame is mounted to the 2” hitch receiver and supports winches with a line pull of up to 9,500 lbs (4,300 kg) when needed. Connection of the winch requires long cables, connectors and the hitch.

The hitch receiver (or hitch adapter if a RIF bull bar is used) can also be installed in the front of the vehicle so that your winch can be used to recover a vehicle both forward and backward.