Round rocker switch. ON-OFF function, Blue, waterproof

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Round rocker switch. ON-OFF function, Blue, waterproof

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Article: RIF22-1-4106200
Round rocker switch. ON-OFF function, Blue, waterproof

ON-OFF function, 2 working positions: may be locked in position ON or position OFF.
Type of illumination - LED light.
Color of illumination / indication - Blue/ Blue
RIF switches and buttons are designed for cars, trucks, construction and agricultural machinery, water transport.
RIF switches and buttons switch signaling, power supply and control circuits with operating voltage 12-24V, current strength up to 20A.
Switchings may be made in two directions.
Switch are fitted to holes on panels with the help of catchings on the body.
The contacts are connected by flat terminal, or by soldering, via a relay.
White LED lights are used to illuminate buttons and switches and to indicate turning-on.
3 contacts for ON-OFF
Rated voltage / current 12V / 20A
Maximum current DC 20A
The maximum voltage is DC 12V
Operating temperature range from -25 ° C to + 65 ° C
The size of the switch key LxWxH 23x18x32
Landing hole 20 mm
Degree of protection IP68