RIF high beam light 130 mm 80W LED

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RIF high beam light 130 mm 80W LED

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Article: B0105S
RIF high beam light 130 mm 80W LED

Description Features

The RIF LED high beam light forms a bright, narrow tunneled light beam dispersed at a long distance in front of the vehicle. This is an improved and amplified analog of the standard high beam lights.

The light is fully waterproof and dustproof, and it has been designed for extreme driving conditions to ensure proper protection from vibrations, shaking or impacts. The light is very energy efficient, providing good illumination with minimal power consumption.

RIF lights are equipped with LED elements by the US manufacturer Cree, a recognized leader in the LED light market. Such LED elements demonstrate perfect light output and form a non-glare, visually pleasing beam of light. A radiator for efficient cooling is in the rear part of the housing, which provides an extended service life. The unique reflector based on Hybrid technology makes it possible to focus the light beam produced by the LED. Each LED is connected independently, so the failure of any one LED element will not cause the light to malfunction.

80 W
10-30 V
Size without bracket
Lumens Output
6400 lm
8х10 W (CREE)
Working life
30000 hours
Dust and waterproof
Working temperature