RIF protection case 165х120х52 mm

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RIF protection case 165х120х52 mm

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Article: WR-61
RIF protection case 165х120х52 mm

The RIF protection case is intended for carrying fragile loads and sensitive equipment, e.g. satellite phones, radio sets, photo and video equipment, electronic devices and any other critical items, such as spare bearings, CV joints or filters. It should be noted that the rugged design of the cases is suitable for heavy loads. The case is made of very strong shockproof plastic. Even if the case is run over by a vehicle, its contents will not be damaged. The case is dust and moisture proof, thanks to a rubber sealing and tight cover. Each case has an adjustable breather for high temperature gradients. Inside the case there are several layers of perforated PU foam so that a seat could be cut for any item shape. RIF cases are offered in several sizes — from the smallest box for the first aid kit to the maxi case with wheels and extension handle. There are also several specialized options for weapons or long items. This greatly expands the usability of the cases and adds comfort in carrying both heavy fragile loads and small sensitive items.