RIF bush kit for UAZ Hunter/Patriot (12 pcs)

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RIF bush kit for UAZ Hunter/Patriot (12 pcs)

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Article: 304BK
RIF bush kit for UAZ Hunter/Patriot (12 pcs)


RIF bushes are made of PE and can be used with both standard and reinforced leaf springs. PE material offers great elastic rigidity, wear resistance and thermal resistance to high and low temperatures.

All components of RIF reinforced suspension are designed for heavy-duty operation in the most extreme conditions, and they offer a good safety margin and the best value in Russia's market.

It could be mounted in original leaf springs, if these bushes supposed to be installed instead of rubber bushes, not silentblocks.

Kit includes 12 bushes and 4 thrust washers. Washers should be installed on frame bolt.