RIF fender flares 3.3" (8,5 cm)

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RIF fender flares 3.3" (8,5 cm)

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Article: FF103
RIF fender flares 3.3" (8,5 cm)


If the track of your 4x4 vehicle has been widened by the installation of wider wheels and tires, wheel spacers or disks with a negative offset, then the wheels will go out of the wheel arches. Thus, splashes of water, dirt, small stones and gravel will hit the windows and sides of the vehicle. This is impractical and dangerous, since that damages the paint and reduces visibility for both the driver and the passengers. Even during a city drive the vehicle will get dirty after the smallest rainfall.

The versatile fender flares by RIF eliminate the negative consequences of track widening and make your vehicle look more elegant. RIF fender flares are known for their high quality and precision, they can be used with any 4x4 vehicle, and their attractive price makes them affordable for everyone. The versatile fender flares can be easily fixed to wheel arches of any length using self-tapping screws and galvanized backplates.

Established brands by foreign manufacturers use PVC to make their fender flares, which limits their usefulness in the Russian climate.

RIF fender flares are made of the most advanced TR material, which remains elastic in a wide range of temperatures — from -55 С to +135 С. The material is very durable and flexible, it is resistant to UV, ozone, oil and petroleum products, and it can withstand bending action.

In the kit:

1. Fender flare
- length 6 m
- width 8,5 cm

2. Backplates — 32 pcs.

3. Self-tapping screws — 64 pcs.